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    Detan King Oyster Mushroom Seeds Bag Production

    • Detan King Oyster Mushroom Seeds Bag Production

    Detan King Oyster Mushroom Seeds Bag Production

    Short Description:

    Diameter: 10cm Length 19cm
    Weight: 1.25-1.3/log
    Fruiting amount: 250-400g/log
    Shipping: 12300log/40ft; 12log/bag (net bag, 12 bags per bag)

    Product Characteristics

    Designed and built for professionals

    ● 1. Size: diameter 10±1cm, ength 19cm±1cm
    ● 2. Net weight: 1.2kgs-1.3kgs/bag
    ● 3. First crop: 350g-500g
    ● 4. Loading capacity: 12bags/carton; 625cartons/20 RF(7500bags); 1500cartons/40 RF(18000bags)


    * Description

    Diameter: 10cm Length 19cm
    Weight: 1.25-1.3/log
    Fruiting amount: 250-400g/log
    Shipping: 12300log/40ft; 12log/bag (net bag, 12 bags per bag)

    * How Are Mushroom Bags Grown?

    1. To begin, rip apart the plastic bag at the top of the mushroom bag and slackly secure it to the bag's mouth with a rubber band.

    2. Water the bag's mouth using a spray bottle. It should be emphasized that water should not be sprayed directly on the fungus' surface prior to fruiting in order to prevent harming the mycelium's growth. Simply mist the mouth of the bag with water each day to maintain moisture.

    3. When the mushroom buds start to form, fold the bag opening of the mushroom bag or reduce it directly, exposing the emerging bacteria to the air, and daily spray the mushroom buds.

    4. The mushroom bud growth rate is quick. They can mature typically in 3-5 days. In order to prevent the occurrence of dehydration, drying, or yellowing of the mushrooms at this time, they must be plucked quickly.

    * Common Issues with Growing Mushrooms in Bags?

    1. Although there are numerous causes for the failure of the mushroom buns to bear fruit, temperature ranks first, followed by humidity and light. The mushroom buns will be challenging to fruit if the temperature is too high for an extended period of time without the stimulation of temperature variation.

    2. The mushrooms will be small and easy to dry out if the temperature is too low and stays below 5 °C for a long time; if the humidity is too high, the mushrooms will rot.

    3. It will be challenging to grow fruit if the light is too bright. Therefore, when growing mushrooms in bags, the temperature should be chosen in accordance with the various strains. For instance, king oyster mushrooms should be kept in a dark area at a temperature of about 15°C. breeding.

    4. The mushroom bud's pace of growth is rapid. They normally take 3-5 days to reach maturity. The mushrooms must be removed as soon as possible to avoid dehydration, drying, or yellowing at this time.

    * Features

    1. 17 years of experience exporting internationally.

    2. High variety, plenty of mushrooms, excellent quality, under particular circumstances.

    3. The entire process of offering knowledgeable assistance and professional services to clients so they can address diverse issues.

    4. A seasoned exporter of oyster mushrooms with a stable pricing, large supply, and clear competitive advantage.

    * Supply Ability

    Supply Ability: 100000 Units / per Week

    * Product Details

    Description Detan King Oyster Mushroom Seeds Bag Production
    Packaging 1.5kg/unit,12units/carton or as per customer's demand.
    Specification 19cm(length)*10cm(diameter)
    Certification HACCP, ISO, ORGANIC, GlobalGAP
    Exported Countries Europe, America, Canada, Australia, South-east Asia, Japan, Korea, South Africa, Israel...
    Shippment Sea freight

    Company Profile

    Welcome to Shanghai DETAN Mushroom & Truffles Co., Ltd.
    We are - - A Reliable Partner for Mushroom Business



    We are specialized ONLY in mushroom business since 2002, and our advantages lie in our comprehensive supplying ability of all kinds of FRESH cultivated mushrooms and wild mushrooms (fresh, frozen and dried).

    Excellent Quality

    We always insist in delivering the best quality of products and services.


    Easy to Work with

    Good communication, market-oriented business sense and mutual understanding make us easier to talk and cooperate.

    Responsible and Reliable

    We are responsible to our customers, as well as to our staff and suppliers, which make us to be a reliable supplier,employer and reliable seller.



    To keep the products freshness, we mostly send them by direct flight.
    They will arrive to the destination port fastly. For some of our products,
    such as shimeji, enoki, shiitake, eryngii mushroom and dry mushrooms,
    they have a long shelf life, so they can be shipped by sea.


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