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Detan Mushroom Celebrates the Seventh Anniversary of A Comfortable Life
Post time: Dec-13-2022

On December 3, 2022, outside the house, Shanghai suddenly cooled down, and it was raining lightly; inside, old and new friends from "Comfortable Life" and "Detan Mushroom" gathered at "Detan Mushroom" in Sunqiao Modern Agricultural Park, Pudong New Area The company enjoyed a lot of fun and celebrated the seventh anniversary of "Comfortable Life".


The fellowship activities this time are still presided over by President Tian. After a brief warm-up session, President Tian handed over the microphone to President Wang of "Detian Mushroom". Mr. Wang introduced the characteristics of mushrooms like a few treasures. Because of its high protein, no cholesterol, no starch, low fat, low sugar, more dietary fiber, more amino acids, more vitamins, more minerals, mushrooms have concentrated all the good characteristics of food. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Health Organization once proposed that "the best dietary structure for human beings is "one meat, one vegetarian and one mushroom".

In order to preserve the freshness of mushrooms and ensure the safety, health and deliciousness of mushrooms, "Detian Mushrooms" insists on producing at the origin, packaging at the origin, one-time molding, and preventing secondary pollution. The concept of "one-time contact" runs through all the time. The principle is the brand, from the base to the table, cleaner, traceable, safer and healthier.

7TH 3
7TH 4

After listening to Mr. Wang's introduction, everyone was eager to taste the delicious mushrooms. With the assistance of the partners of "Detian Mushrooms", we tasted more than 10 kinds of mushrooms suitable for different cooking methods such as barbecue, hot pot, frying and roasting, etc., "one contact", so that everyone can eat at ease.

Outside the house, there is still light rain; inside the house, the cheerful gathering has entered the link of talking. Let's talk about the past, talk about tomorrow, and be grateful for the wonderful life. Looking forward to the prosperity of the country and the safety of the people, and wishing each other health, happiness and happiness!

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