• china hui shu hua detan export fresh maitake mushroom Featured Image

    china hui shu hua detan export fresh maitake mushroom

    • china hui shu hua detan export fresh maitake mushroom
    • china hui shu hua detan export fresh maitake mushroom
    • china hui shu hua detan export fresh maitake mushroom
    • china hui shu hua detan export fresh maitake mushroom

    china hui shu hua detan export fresh maitake mushroom

    Short Description:

  • Product name: fresh maitake mushroom
  • package specition: 150g/pack,7.5kg/carton
  • Usage: soup, fry
  • origin: Hunan, China
  • package material: high composite unidirectional breathable film
  • Certification: HACCP/BRC/KOSHER
  • shelf life: 25days
  • Product Introduction

    grey mitake mushroom
    cultivation maitake mushroom

    The content of selenium and chromium in Grifola frondosa is high. It has protective effects on liver and pancreas, and prevents cirrhosis and hyperglycemia. High selenium content makes it also have the function of preventing Keshan disease, Kashin Beck disease and some heart diseases; Grifola frondosa contains both calcium and vitamin D, which can effectively prevent and treat rickets; The higher zinc content of ash flower is beneficial to brain development, maintain visual acuity and promote wound healing; The high content of vitamin E and selenium in Grifola frondosa can resist aging, enhance memory and sensitivity; Ash flower is rich in iron, copper and vitamin C. It can prevent anemia, scurvy, vitiligo, arteriosclerosis and cerebral thrombosis.

    fresh grey mitake mushroom
    hui shu hua mushroom

    The product is edible and medicinal. It is a precious mushroom with high protein and low fat. It can effectively enhance immunity, reduce blood sugar, blood lipids, etc. The meat of the product is tender and the mushroom flavor is fragrant. The taste is delicious, smooth and delicate.

    The product is freshly picked and dried naturally, without any additives. The flower type is good, and there are no impurities on the surface and bottom. The products are screened layer by layer, the size is selected, and the fresh products are dried, and each step is strictly controlled.

    Company Profile

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    Your Reliable Partner for MUSHROOM Business Being a professional supplier of MUSHROOM & Truffles products, for worldwide customers, we are located in Shanghai, China (headquarter is about 25 minutes drive from PVG airport); Our products include: Shiitake, Eryngii, Shimeji, Maitake,..., and many kinds of wild mushrooms: Truffles, Morels, Porcini (Boletus, Ceps), Chanterelle etc.; Fresh, Dried, IQF, Freeze Dried available. We also have Mushroom Spawn (logs), supplying stably year round! We had 11 years experiences in exporting mushrooms and truffles, to Europe, America, Canada, Australia, South-East Asia etc. "Delivering Value" is the driving principle behind our quality products, better management and innovative services. Customers' satisfication and success is the first thing in our business thinking! *Professional Mushrooms & Truffles; 11 years export experiences; *Customer's Value Oriented *Honesty, Responsible, Reliable *Open-minded and good communication; Please feel free to contact, for professional, and individualized services: serko.mushroom at gmail.com;



    We are specialized ONLY in mushroom business since 2002, and our advantages lie in our comprehensive supplying ability of all kinds of FRESH cultivated mushrooms and wild mushrooms (fresh, frozen and dried).

    Excellent Quality

    We always insist in delivering the best quality of products and services.


    Easy to Work with

    Good communication, market-oriented business sense and mutual understanding make us easier to talk and cooperate.

    Responsible and Reliable

    We are responsible to our customers, as well as to our staff and suppliers, which make us to be a reliable supplier,employer and reliable seller.

    one touch packing


    To keep the products freshness, we mostly send them by direct flight.
    They will arrive to the destination port fastly. For some of our products,
    such as shimeji, enoki, shiitake, eryngii mushroom and dry mushrooms,
    they have a long shelf life, so they can be shipped by sea.


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